What Is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

Posted on:December 12, 2008

Defining and avoiding plagiarism has become a major issue lately. Due to the rapid development of custom writing services, both reliable and irresponsible, plagiarism has altered and is now more spread than it was before. However, as it spreads, there appear ways to resist it. This is why there are so many cases of being caught on academic frauds lately.
Avoiding plagiarism becomes an easier task once you understand what it is and where you can get it. Plagiarism is an unauthorized use of someone else’s researches, words, or thoughts without proper acknowledgements and referencing.
Since it is important to define and avoid plagiarism, one must also know how cases of plagiarism occur. This will help escape accusations of academic frauds. Frankly speaking, once being caught, it is hard to restore the reputation.

  1. Be very careful when using someone’s thoughts and words. You will face the necessity of using them often (in essays, research papers, courseworks, and term papers). So, learn the right way of referencing from the very beginning in order to avoid plagiarism. Every school has a set of rules as to using a certain writing style, where lists of references are presupposed.
  2. In terms of defining and avoiding plagiarism, be especially careful with custom writing companies. Not all of them stick to the policies they place on the first pages of their web sites. If you are promised 100% non-disclosure, no re-selling and plagiarism-free papers, do not be afraid to contact their live support and ask questions that bother you. Demand a plagiarism report. Research to find out, which companies are the most reliable ones on the market. You will certainly waste some time looking for the answers, but later this will save you from getting into big troubles.

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